Fitness for the mind.

WE provide a range of services to support wellbeing for: parents, carers and young people within the home; employees and employers within the workplace; staff and students within the educational environment; and individuals on their life journey.

WE can assist you towards achieving and maintaining optimum mental health by enriching your wellbeing. Our courses, retreats and coaching services use evidence-based practice. Our goal is to equip you with the skills you need to manage the everyday challenges you face.

Physical health and mental health are intertwined, each impacting on the other. Mental health, like physical health, fluctuates. Every day we experience situations that evoke challenges, stress and anxiety, threatening our emotional wellbeing and subsequently impacting on our mental health.

WE recognise the challenges you face in different situations. All our courses are therefore explicitly designed to target specific areas of life. Our services will empower you to become proactive, develop knowledge and strategies to build your inner resources. All of this will enhance your wellbeing in order to safeguard good mental health for the future. Our services also support you to manage the wellbeing of others, whilst maintaining your own positive wellbeing.

WE are based in Loughton and we cover the areas of London, Essex and Hertfordshire. However, we will consider requests from outside of these areas