WE can support you to develop strategies to support the development of healthy emotional wellbeing within the workplace, through:

Group Coaching

WE have designed a six week block of half-day group coaching sessions to develop your workforce. As staff are the biggest asset to any company we aim to develop their potential through providing them with tools and strategies to deal with stress and help them to flourish within their working environment. Overall promoting a healthy emotional wellbeing within the workplace.

WE can support you to:

  • Recognize your strengths and qualities.
  • Identify personal goals.
  • Understand barriers and negative behaviour patterns which get in the way of you achieving.
  • Develop strategies which will help you to achieve your goals.

One-To-One Coaching

WE offer a six week block of one hour individual coaching sessions helping you to explore your goals and achieve them. WE use a range of tools and strategies specifically for you.

WE can support you to:

  • Recognise and achieve personal or professional goals.
  • Face and overcome barriers to personal and professional success.
  • Manage change and transitions.
  • Develop confidence and assertiveness.
  • Make the changes that you have been procrastinating over.
  • Find solutions to problems.