WE have designed a range of one day and two day courses to promote wellbeing.

All courses are specifically designed to ensure participants benefit from a range of teaching styles. Activities aim to inspire, motivate and energise participants. They enable learning to be consolidated as well as being enjoyable. We employ a range of evidence based practices, including CBT, Social Learning Theory and Solution Focused Therapy to inform our courses.

One Day Courses:

  • Effective communication to achieve your goals.
  • Developing self-esteem and confidence.
  • Building resilience to manage change.
  • Empowering women.
  • Emotional wellbeing for men.
  • Managing stress and anxiety.
  • Assertiveness training.

Two Day Courses:

Empowering change

On this course, you will reflect and consider your aspirations and contemplate the positive steps to achieve them.

Focusing on:

  • Understanding when stress and anxiety is a barrier to achievement.
  • Achieving through motivational coaching.
  • Recognising unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving.
  • Relaxation techniques to manage your stress.
  • Personal reflection to promote positive change.

Building confidence and self-esteem

On this course, you will begin to recognise your own personal strengths and build upon your own resilience to cope with life challenges.

Focusing on:

  • Personal constructs to gain more insight into your strengths and challenges.
  • Coaching to promote confidence and resilience to face challenges.
  • Developing assertive communication.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Techniques to support you to manage challenges.
  • Healthy sleeping habits.

All courses include lunch, teas and coffees