WE have designed a range of one day courses to support the development of healthy emotional wellbeing within the workplace.

These courses are appropriate for staff at all levels and aim to refocus, reinvigorateĀ and empower.

All courses are specifically designed to ensure participants benefit from a range of teaching styles. Activities aim to inspire, motivate and energise participants. They enable learning to be consolidated as well as being enjoyable. We employ a range of evidence based practices, including CBT, Social Learning Theory and Solution Focused Therapy to inform our courses.

One Day Courses:

  • Understanding stress and recognising when it is detrimental.
  • Developing techniques to manage stress.
  • Building resilience.
  • Empowering women within the workplace.
  • Understanding the wellbeing needs of men within the workplace.
  • Embracing change at work.
  • Identifying your goals and steps to achieve them.
  • Developing confidence and self-esteem within the workplace.
  • Public speaking and how to be effective when communicating.
  • Developing emotional literacy within the workplace.

All courses include lunch, teas and coffees.