The Wellbeing Day

This is a one day programme to enhance individual wellbeing. During this day, individuals will develop self-awareness and build confidence as well as acquire techniques to manage stress and achieve their identified goals.

Focusing on:

  • Understanding stress and anxiety.
  • How to recognise when stress is detrimental to health.
  • Group coaching for achievement.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • Introducing CBT techniques for managing stress and anxiety.

This Wellbeing Day includes lunch, teas and coffees.

The Team Building Day

This is a one day programme to enhancing wellbeing within the organisation. It is designed to achieve individual and group success by promoting team bonding and enhancing performance to strengthen your workforce.

Focusing on fun activities to:

  • Promote positive group cohesion.
  • Increase cooperation.
  • Stimulate effective communication skills.
  • Boost confidence and self-esteem within the team.
  • Develop the best from each individual.

This team building day includes lunch, teas and coffees.

Leadership, Management Retreat for Wellbeing

This is a two day residential programme to improve wellbeing and increase performance under pressure.

Focusing on:

  • Nurturing resilience to promote emotional wellbeing.
  • Understanding stress and the impact on the body and brain.
  • The Emotional Diet: recognising helpful coping strategies.
  • Personal constructs: examining how we evolved, recognising individual difference.
  • Cognitive behavioural techniques to promote positive change, self-esteem and affirmation.

Individuals will also be allocated time for the gym, swimming and relaxation, which can include a range of holistic therapies that can be pre-booked.

This two-day retreat includes accommodation, food, teas and coffees.