WE offer a range of courses to staff in nurseries, schools and colleges. Our aim is to help teachers and students grow together through promoting a healthy wellbeing culture within education.

The benefits of developing wellbeing leads to:

  • Happier and healthier staff.
  • Less absenteeism.
  • Reduction in staff turnover.
  • Happier and healthier young people.
  • Increased achievement
  • A successful, and emotional literate school.

The wellbeing of a school, including school staff and students, is imperative to promote outstanding teaching and successful learning.

Good mental health and wellbeing enhances cognitive development. This enables children to make greater progress in primary school and to engage in secondary school and higher education.

Evidence tells us that young people with positive wellbeing are likely to be successful in life.

Did You Know

  • It has recently been published that one in ten children and young people have a diagnosable mental health condition.
  • The growing prevalence of mental ill-health among children and young people appears to be particularly related to anxiety and depression.
  • A YouGov survey found 75% of teachers in the UK reporting symptoms of stress – including depression, anxiety and panic attacks – compared with 62% of the working population as a whole.